I don’t take any credit for what follows (nor would I want to given the poor quality of the product) but I do often do songs with my classes at school and the kids video me anyway so I may as well try to do a slightly better job of it.

I also promised (the significantly more talented than myself) Aimee I would begin recording some of these so she could put them on her website at at least half the songs I sing at school are hers!

I recorded this for the Geek Pop show at the end of 2010 and shortly afterwards decided it was worth putting it together with my sing-a-longa-powerpoint I run for the kids to sing along with while I play.

Not for one second do I say that these songs are any more than a bit of fun but it did really cheer me up when one day a former student said (by way of another member of staff at the school I had since left) that she’d hadn’t remembered a single equation for her GCSE physics exam except for the one she “learnt that song about with Mr. Fleming 3 years ago”.

So here it is .. merry christmas (and yes that’s another song but it’ll have to wait til next year!)

Words are copyright Aimee Hartnell Murphy


If you want to sing / play along yourself you can download the chords and source PowerPoint

The video and PowerPoint are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 2.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)