Declan Fleming is an RSC School Teacher Fellow (at the University of Bath), a secondary chemistry teacher and freelance science communicator


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TV Pick: Hunting the Elements with David Pogue

This is a very quick and sloppy post (teachers will know why at this time of year!) but time is of the essence so I’ll be brief. Starting tomorrow on PBS America (Sky 166, Virgin 243) they’re starting to show a chemistry mini-series,¬†Hunting the Elements. I was sent a copy of it recently and wanted...
Modelling equilibrium - effects of changing concentration on Kc

Modelling equilibrium – effects of changing concentration on Kc

The last time I taught equilibrium to my Year 13s, I had a number of bright, inquisitive students who got frustrated with the idea that for an equilibrium between A + B (see below) increasing the concentration of A would shift the position of equilibrium to the right but Kc would be unaffected. I tried showing...
Tasty Stoichiometry

Tasty Stoichiometry

Background This year we’ve ended up teaching the the mole just after the acids and bases work (we’ve tagged together the C2 and C3 stuff from the AQA GCSE chemistry course). I started off covering the basics and before we got too far into producing salts and doing titrations I thought it was worthwhile skipping...